Owen’s breakthroughs. His lighter in more ways than one

Hear Owen’s story, his life changing treatment for weight loss. Going from his heaviest weight gain to his ideal weight, inspirational! “Enough was enough, I knew I had to change. I needed help. I’ve lost 3 stone”

1 min watch
Charlotte lost 3.5 Stone with Cumberland Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

“Emotional eating a thing of the past. Binging and cravings stopped. I knew the problem was in my mind. My daughter now has her mum back” Well done Charlotte.

2 min watch
Confidence, Self-Esteem & Weight Loss

See how many realisations Dee shares in the next 2 minutes from her 4 hours single session hypnotherapy treatment with Adam Cumberland.

, 2 min watch
Gastric Band Vs Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. Denise shares her experience

Enjoy how Denise discovered so much more than weight loss. Peace, confidence and a bounce in her step to name a few. How her mental relationship with food is transformed thanks to Cumberland Hypnotherapy.

3 min watch
Daisy had confidence issues and struggled with her weight

Daisy, 37 years old, discovered her self worth and shed her limiting beliefs along with 1.5 stone.

Jon had issues with his weight. He knew something deeper was holding him back

After an emotional session, he felt something had lifted within him. He is now driven, motivated with a sense of freedom.

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