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Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking

Most of the world fears public speaking, but few enjoy the excitement of being on stage. We reframe your fears so you can be one of them.

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What our clients say


“I have tried so many times to overcome my fear of public speaking. After a 4 hour intensive single session my fear turned into a genuine excitement about my upcoming presentations. Adam has a gift for helping others” Dr Campbell

Why Hypnotherapy for Public Speaking?

Speaking in front of people is an exhilarating and rewarding experience, often for both the speaker and the audience. To fear public speaking is a learned behaviour, usually triggered by an early childhood experience, but it can also start suddenly after years of speaking without fear. It should never get in the way of what you’ve got to say.

We use a combination of skills including Hypnotherapy over a single 3 to 4 hour session to help you change your negative thoughts and feelings about public speaking, so you can focus on your content without worrying about the delivery.

Adam has worked extensively with Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna and helped thousands of people overcome fear of public speaking through his treatments.

Doctor’s Recommendation:

Thank you Adam for the half day session. What a transformation. I feel stronger than ever. I feel a huge weight has been lifted. So many people deserve your treatment. You are quite the professional
Dr. Ganesh Arunachalam
Senior Registrar in General Medicine & Covid-19 Ward, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Who should do it?

Hypnotherapy for public speaking is about retraining your brain to have a positive emotional response to speaking in front of people. This could include giving speeches or presentations, or simply speaking up in a meeting. Do you:

  • Feel anxious speaking in front of people
  • Avoid giving your opinion in groups
  • Experience sweating, stuttering or shaking
  • Avoid getting promoted
  • Experience pre-presentation anxiety
  • Struggle with audience engagement

Adam Cumberland’s hypnotherapy for heavy emotional challenges connected with relationships is so widely accepted as a lasting solution that executives at the National Health Service (NHS) refer us their patients and endorse our approach.

“ Adam Cumberland is an excellent practitioner with an eagerness to continued learning. He has a great passion for helping individuals.”

Paul McKenna – Hypnotist, television & radio broadcaster

“After one session I felt an immediate shift in my thinking. It’s been 7 months and I haven’t looked back.”

Richard, Essex

"I took comfort knowing Adam had worked closely with Paul McKenna. My single 4 hour session flew by. I’m now truly living in the moment."

George, London

“ Adam had conducted seminars with Paul McKenna and therefore I felt in safe hands. My ‘fear’ has been replaced with genuine ‘excitement”. I now enjoy public speaking ”

Daniel Lordan

“ What a great experience. I leant practical skills and the inner emotional confidence to present and deliver, thank you “

Josie Redding – Kent, UK

“ I tried all sorts of courses before discovering cumberland hypnotherapy. This was so much more than hypnotherapy. A great service and support “

Anna Knight – New York, US

What you will achieve

Communicate with confidence

Enjoy connecting with your audience, your teammates and others on a deeper level.

Greater self-belief

Experience increased self-confidence and belief in what’s possible in your life.

Increased personal impact

What can you achieve if the thought of speaking in public, giving presentations or engaging in meetings no longer worries you?

Professional success

The ability to speak with confidence often opens up professional opportunities.

Excitement about public speaking

Our clients now genuinely look forward to speaking in public.

An empowered mind

Feel empowered by changing the beliefs that are holding you back. The first step to lasting change is wanting to change.

Therapy Sessions

Sessions uniquely combine Neuro Linguistic Programming, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy in a 3 to 4 hour single session either online or face to face. We tailor each session to your individual needs. Contact our practice today to arrange your initial free 15 minute consultation to ensure we can help.

In-person sessions

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Hours 8am – 7pm weekdays

Covid Update:  All sessions are running and we ensure strict Covid protocols

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