My own need for self improvement brought me to starting my hypnotherapy clinic

Adam is a husband, father and our Founder and has always been curious about human behaviour and why we do what we do. Having had his own struggles in life with weight issues and struggling to talk to others he decided he wanted to change.

This set him on a path of discovery of the intricate details of human behaviour. Adam has honed his skillset to a level where he is in demand for carrying out interventions to get relationships back on track and has become a truly excellent communicator having run seminars with Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP) and Paul McKenna.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning and discovering a new perspective. I feel we help people save the most precious thing we all have…time. Progress in life is a choice and only you decide”

Adam Cumberland

Founder & Hypnotherapist


Our Therapists

All our hypnotherapists here at Cumberland are trained to the highest level and under go additional training every few months. All are hand selected and trained by Adam Cumberland

Our Clinic

Our clinic in central London has helped thousands of people change their lives for
the better. Our team of highly skilled, experienced therapists use a combination of
hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), thought field therapy (TFT) and
coaching to help you overcome the challenges that hold you back from a fulfilled life.

Covid Update: All sessions are running and we ensure strict Covid protocols

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