No more relying on willpower.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

We provide a safer way to achieve the benefits of gastric band surgery, so you get the same results.

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What our clients say


Enjoy how Denise discovered so much more than weight loss. Peace, confidence and a bounce in her step to name a few. How her mental relationship with food is transformed thanks to Cumberland Hypnotherapy.


Hear Siobhan’s captivating story on how she lost weight through gastric band hypnotherapy from 22 stone to under 12 stone.

Why Gastric Band Hypnotherapy?

Food is a huge part of life and your relationship with it determines whether it brings you joy or causes you distress. Gastric band surgery is a procedure in which the doctor places a band around the stomach to limit how much food it can handle. Many people do see results however it is expensive, high risk and many people experience uncomfortable side effects. We have a better way.

We recognise that everybody’s relationship with food is different, and our unique combination of treatments involves an extensive process of understanding how you relate to food before we even begin. In just one 3 – 4 hour session, we then take you through the process of applying a hypnotic gastric band. Essentially, you will believe on sub-conscious level that the band is there, which means you’ll receive all the benefits of surgery without the risks.

Adam has worked extensively with Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna and helped thousands of people reach their weight-loss goals through his treatments.

Doctor’s Recommendation:

Thank you Adam for the half day session. What a transformation. I feel stronger than ever. I feel a huge weight has been lifted. So many people deserve your treatment. You are quite the professional
Dr. Ganesh Arunachalam
Senior Registrar in General Medicine & Covid-19 Ward, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Who should do it?

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is about understanding your relationship with food and removing the emotional and physical triggers that cause overeating. Do you:

  • Feel you lack willpower
  • Lose weight to have it come back faster
  • Lack motivation to exercise
  • Binge eat or comfort eat
  • Experience cravings
  • Eat on your emotions

Cumberland's Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is so widely accepted now as a lasting cure that executives at the National Health Service refer us clients and endorse our hypnotherapy.

“ Adam Cumberland is an excellent practitioner with an eagerness to continued learning. He has a great passion for helping individuals.”

Paul McKenna – Hypnotist, television & radio broadcaster

“I had struggled with my weight all my life and felt I was on a path of self-destruction.  My GP recommended Adam’s treatment.  The hardest part was admitting I had a problem.  I have turned a page on my issues and moving forward in life.”

Keith Moore

“Thank you, Adam for not only helping with my intake of food but also the emotional aspects involved.  I feel my relationship with food has been transformed.  I now feel totally in control in more ways than one.”

Keira, Surrey, UK

“Adam was caring and understanding. He has a background running seminars with Paul McKenna and extensive video testimonials, so I felt compelled to pick up the phone. I have lost 8 stone in 18 months.”

Amy, London

What you will achieve

A diet-free life

When you change your mindset positive habits and actions follow naturally, leading to a healthy, balanced lifestyle that doesn’t require dieting.

Greater self-belief

Experience increased self-confidence and belief in what’s possible in your life.

Control over portion size

What if you weren’t binging or ‘eating your feelings?’ Portion control will become about what your body needs to thrive.

Reduced hunger

The subconscious belief that the gastric band is there will reduce feelings of hunger.

Weight Loss

Many of our clients experience significant weight loss as a result of our gastric band treatment.

An empowered mind

Feel empowered by changing the beliefs that are holding you back. The first step to lasting change is wanting to change.

Therapy Sessions

Sessions uniquely combine Neuro Linguistic Programming, Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy in a 3 to 4 hour single session either online or face to face. We tailor each session to your individual needs. Contact our practice today to arrange your initial free 15 minute consultation to ensure we can help.

In-person sessions

Harley Street Clinic
104 Harley Street
London, W1G 7JD

Hours 8am – 7pm weekdays

Covid Update:  All sessions are running and we ensure strict Covid protocols

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