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Book a free 15-minute phone consultation to talk about how our unique combination of treatments can help you. Consultations are relaxed, informal conversations with Adam who will take you through our process, listen to your individual challenges and suggest the best way forward.

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Address Cumberland Hypnotherapy
Harley Street Clinic
104 Harley Street
Hours 8am - 7pm Weekdays

Our central London clinic has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to help you feel at ease from the start. Most treatments involve one 4-hour session in which we take the time to understand you and your specific challenges before tailoring your treatment according to your individual needs.

Covid Update: All sessions are running and we ensure strict Covid protocols

You’re in expert hands

All our hypnotherapists here at Cumberland are trained to the highest level and under go
additional training every few months. All are hand selected and trained by Adam Cumberland

Adam Cumberland

Born 1974 Adam Cumberland is a husband, father and our founder. Adam had his own challenges in life with anxiety and his weight. He wanted to change which set him on a path of discovery. When clients work with Adam they realise he takes great pride in his work and likes pushing the boundaries to what is possible for human behaviour.


Pam is fun, playful yet dynamic. We are proud and lucky to have Pam on the team. Her empathy and understanding to an individuals needs is second to none. Pam finds her clients breakthroughs and realizations so rewarding. She has become an excellent communicator on a logical and emotional level which gives her character the depth and ability to help.


Jaspal loves helping people and so began her journey to formalise this into a career after getting itchy feet in the corporate world. After experiencing how hypnotherapy helped her, Jaspal decided to become trained to help others. The look on a person’s face at the end of a session still gives her goosebumps knowing she has made a difference in someone’s life.


Edy understands on a profound level the ability to listen. Listening to verbal and non verbal communication to ensure the correct approach is applied. Tapping into an individuals challenges, then guiding them to a new perspective and understanding is what Edy does best. Seeing that sparkle in her clients eyes is always a joy for Edy.


We’re always looking to collaborate and work with talented professionals. Please get in touch regarding internships, contract work and collaborations.

Reach out to us careers@cumberlandhypnotherapy.co.uk
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