Celebrity Big Brother Paula Hamilton

Paula Hamilton shares her secrets and realisations.

2 min watch
Anxiety to Self-Belief Testimonial

Watch Rob’s 60 second breakthrough from fear and anxiety to core confidence and self-belief.

1 min watch
Anxiety & Fear to Happy & Confidence thanks to Cumberland Hypnotherapy

Kelly shares her experience and results of her 4 hour single session hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment. Renewed, revived and confidence. Kelly states this was the best thing she has ever done.

2 min watch
Social Anxiety to get up and go with Cumberland Hypnotherapy

Enjoy this emotional heart warming video. The flame is lit and Tony is going again. He has let go of the past and moving forward. Keep in touch Tony.

2 min watch
Hypnotherapy for Approach Anxiety

Enjoy Patrick’s story.

2 min watch
Cumberland Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Enjoy these multiple testimonials from our happy clients. They will move you, entertain you and inspire you.

2 min watch

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