Dr Ganesh shares his experience of his online hypnotherapy session

Dr Ganesh – Senior Registrar, Covid frontline worker at Princess Alexandra Hospital, NHS. “Anyone suffering with bad habits or anxieties need Adam’s help” Dr Ganesh

Agnieszka’s researched hypnosis for public speaking

Agnieszka was incredibly shy. She wants to be a great public speaker at work. She has discovered her core confidence and progressing forward.

Lucy struggled with performance anxiety at work

After being referred by a friend, Lucy is now comfortable in her own skin and creating new opportunities for herself.

Celebrity Big Brother Paula Hamilton

Paula Hamilton shares her secrets and realisations. Paula has channelled anxiety into excitement. “A weight has been lifted. Thank you Adam” Paula

2 min watch
Anxiety transcended into Self-Belief

Enjoy Rob’s breakthrough from fear and anxiety into core confidence and self-belief.

1 min watch
Anxiety & Fear into Happy & Confidence

Kelly shares her experience and results of her 4 hour single session hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment. Renewed, revived and confidence. Kelly states this was the best thing she has ever done. “It feels like the first day of the rest of my life”

2 min watch

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