Mothers Magic – Magic Mothers

This weekend is Mother’s day and we are supposed to show extra care, kindness as well as understanding.  Society places so many expectations upon mothers that it feels as if they are nowadays Super-heroines.  Then we wonder why there so many over-worked women and yet they feel that they are sometimes not good enough. (5…

Focus – Snooker’s Jimmy White MBE

Recently I had the pleasure to work with England’s legendary snooker player Jimmy White.  This man is a six times World Championship finalist, he became the youngest World Amateur Champion in 1980 and is a two times winner of both the World Cup and the British Open, which are just a few of his achievements. …

Sports & Focus – they love each other

Many of us hold the belief that professional athletes are just gifted at what they do and only have to train hard to achieve their best.  Dedication is part of it, of course, but if you are at professional level at any sport or just doing it as a hobby, you are aware that staying…

Children taught how to think, not what to think.

When we are all grown up and face ‘adult’ issues, we do wonder how did it all start and if there’s anything that could have been done sooner. With out a doubt, a child will be curious about their surroundings – discover and learn – but possibly become a little stressed along the way. Bullying,…

Who’s your Valentine?

These days Valentine’s can be stressful – booking months beforehand, places are too crowded or too loud – so why not relax a little? Indulge in a romantic weekend in with exotic fruit prepared with love. The above can be done with a partner or alone. In the latter case, why not romance yourself to…

Child Soldiers – Wounded souls

Older men declare war.  I hope your child doesn’t fight.  Show your support. A child soldier is a person below the age of 18 who has been recruited or used by a state armed force or non-state armed group. The children used in armed conflicts have a variety of roles. Both girls and boys are…


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