Award winning writer shares her experience of Cumberland Hypnotherapy

peace, calm, confidence & gratitude: what I learned from hypnotherapy with Adam Cumberland In my last post I mentioned I had some hypnotherapy at the end of last year. In this post I’m going to tell you all about it – get comfortable! Going to hypnotherapy was an interesting development because, as I’ve mentioned, 2012…

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I Was a Blind Smoker – Now I See

I could not exactly remember when I had my first taste of cigarettes. What I could vividly remember is how good it felt or how cool I looked with the other kids. Twenty years later, I was completely hooked. Struggles with Quitting Smoking I went from one stick a week to 20 sticks in one…

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Simon Cowell Hires Hypnotherapist

Our minds going blank at awkward times is more common than you might think. So many people that have to present themselves to others whether it be an interview, a social gathering or large presentation can be effected by this. Even Simon Cowell had to hire a hypnotherapist to get his star singer back on…

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Got Thin – Got Fat Again!

I have struggled with my weight for such a long time. It was not that I was not concerned or conscious about my health. With everyone telling me I should lose weight, it can get pretty annoying and depressing at the same time thinking they do not have to rub it in my face. I…

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