Now You See Me – Now I Understand Me

”Can you read my mind?” – No. ”Are you a magician?” – No. ”Can you fix me? – No, because you do not need fixing but I can certainly help you!   Whenever I see an increase in these types of questions from my potential clients, I know, something relatively related to my field as…

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Why do GP’s refer patients to Cumberland Hypnotherapy?

Doctors excel at finding what’s missing in your immune system or if there’s something that shouldn’t be there. When it comes to your mental health GP’s can refer you to group therapy, psychotherapist or hypnotherapists. Pills and topical creams will work wonders for your body – talking therapies, neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy are key…

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Escape the scrawny Grim Reaper of Anorexia

Many of us want to fix ”that one thing” about our body or behaviour but when you are preoccupied with being thin and that takes over your diet, the way you think as well as life, it really is a sign of an eating disorder.  When anorexia nervosa takes over one’s life, the desire to…

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Break the cycle – Fight Bulimia

On the outside you look the same, nobody can guess what you’re hiding. You have gotten so good at  deceiving, that sometimes you even fool yourself. But the fact is, your mind has become your own torture chamber. Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder as well as a mental condition, which affects not just women…

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Exercise Your Mind to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be very tricky for some individuals. Gastric band surgery is the last resort, surgery to put a silicon band around upper part of the stomach, which then restricts the amount of food that can be consumed. Gastric band can have many side-effects such as: * Feeling nauseated. * Throwing up. * Infection…

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Food for Thought – 6 Tips to Slim

You may know what’s best for you but may not fully be dedicated to the cause… We go through life and learn from trial and error, but sometimes there are more errors to some of our attempts than others. Why do we sometimes fail to maintain our healthy lifestyle choices? A few useful tips for…

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