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BlogGastric Band HypnotherapyHypnotherapy for Anxietyhypnotherapy weight lossStop Smoking Hypnotherapy
BlogGastric Band HypnotherapyHypnotherapy for Anxietyhypnotherapy weight lossStop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Adam Cumberland’s popularity stems from his extensive hypnotherapy sessions that deal with common, but persistent problems that mankind faces.  The three most popular treatments that he performs at his hypnotherapy Clinic are weight loss, anxiety, and smoking addiction.  All of these treatments and more are performed in his hypnotherapy London clinic located at 104 Harley Street over an extensive ‘one on one’ 4 hour treatment.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

            Adam has developed his hypnotherapy treatment for weight loss through years and years of research and practice.  His treatment is proven to be effective by his clients who have posted their success stories throughout various portals and video blogs.  Additionally, some celebrities have also sought his services to achieve weight loss.  His weight loss treatment is divided into two categories. The first category is known as gastric band hypnotherapy while the other category is known as weight loss hypnotherapy.  The gastric band hypnotherapy induces weight loss by stimulating the effects of having a gastric band attached to the stomach.  This effectively induces weight loss by limiting the amount of food that a person eats.  On the other hand, the weight loss hypnotherapy deals with a person’s psyche and changes his/her relationship with food. The person would be attracted to healthy choices and would be repulsed by unhealthy choices.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

            Cumberland’s hypnotherapy for anxiety deals with a person’s nervousness and anxiety in several situations.  There are several forms of anxiety and Cumberland’s treatment aims to treat any and all of these.  This is achieved by an extensive information gathering process, which aims to analyze a person’s past and the possible reasons for his/her anxiety.  Once the reason has been discovered, the session would aim to isolate and purge it from the person’s mind.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Addiction

            Smoking addiction is often a habit that persists from a person’s teenage years.  Cumberland aims to treat this potentially fatal habit by understanding the root cause of the addiction and then replacing it with positive sensations.  This treatment is provided by Adam Cumberland himself at his hypnotherapy London practice and is considered to be one of his most intense treatments.   The client no longer tries to not smoke, instead they don’t want to.

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