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BlogStop Smoking Hypnotherapy
BlogStop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Smoking is a habit that is connected with various diseases.  Smoking has been prevalent in society ever since people started smoking tobacco back in the 1800s.  In modern society, cigarettes have replaced tobacco as the most common smoking paraphernalia.  It is estimated that about 42.1 million people or 18.1% of adults in the United States are smoking cigarettes.  This habit is so prevalent that some societies consider it as a norm instead of a threat to a person’s health.  Those who think of the latter find ways to help their friends and family members to stop smoking.  One method that has become so successful for stopping smoking addiction is stop smoking hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Addiction

            Smoking addiction, as with any other addiction, is all built on a person’s mind.  Persuading the mind to think that it does not need to smoke will effectively stop a person’s addiction to cigarettes.  This is the main premise of a hypnotherapy session.  Additionally, a hypnotherapy session proves to be a more reliable method when it comes to stopping smoking addiction.  A hypnotherapy session addresses the problem at its core, meaning that the person can be instantly cured of his/her addiction. There will be no more withdrawal symptoms and battles against temptations after the hypnotherapy session.

How does it Work?

            Adam Cumberland’s clinic uses a powerful combination of tools to achieve the person’s desired effect.  In the case of smoking addiction, the clinic uses neuro linguistic programming coupled with thought field therapy and clinical hypnotherapy.  These three procedures work together to break a person’s habit of smoking on both a logical and an emotional level.  They do this by targeting a person’s subconscious mind and the root causes of the person’s smoking addiction. This is achieved through an extensive information gathering process before the session begins.  The information presented by the client would help tremendously in isolating and removing the thoughts that lead to his/her addiction.

The Hypnotherapy Session

            After an initial 20 consultation in order to qualify for the treatment – patients then attend a 4 hour extensive tailored stop smoking hypnotherapy session with Adam Cumberland at his practice in London’s Harley Street.  Through a number of guided visualisations and altered states of awareness the patient arrives at the end of the session with a feeling – a feeling that they no longer want to smoke and a knowing that they won’t smoke.

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