I Was a Blind Smoker – Now I See

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I could not exactly remember when I had my first taste of cigarettes. What I could vividly remember is how good it felt or how cool I looked with the other kids. Twenty years later, I was completely hooked.

Struggles with Quitting Smoking

I went from one stick a week to 20 sticks in one single day. Every time I throw out that empty cigarette pack, I felt guilty. Feeling anxious, I smoked again to feel better.

I had the will to quit but it was not easy. I tried quitting cold turkey and that didn’t do me any good. I spent countless money on gums and patches. But I ended up spending more on cigarettes later feeling frustrated for failing at my attempts to stop.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Thinking I have nothing else to lose, I decided to give stop smoking hypnotherapy a shot at the Cumberland Hypnotherapy clinic. I said I was ready but I was also preparing myself for another epic failed attempt at quitting smoking.

How the session felt like

The single session lasted for 3.5 hours. The hypnotherapist took me through what seemed like a roller coaster of emotions. My session absolutely had its share of ups and downs emotionally. When the hypnotherapist asked me to open my eyes, I did. And it dawned on me, that different feeling. Not forced, it felt genuine. I could not exactly remember the last time I felt that amazing. I walked down the street feeling absolutely great and I still carry that feeling.

I am a changed person

I did have my doubts about stop smoking hypnosis. Now, I understand why I had to go through the ups and downs during the session. I feel so grateful for having the sense to work with the Cumberland Hypnotherapy Clinic at Harley Street. In fact, I feel much better than what I was promised after the session.

Now, I am proud to say I have not touched a single cigarette stick for more than 15 months. And I do not even feel the urge to. I feel truly in control of my life, finally free from the bad habit that has held me back for so long.

I thank your team-Simon Green for Clapham, London

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