The Stress Factor


As the X Factor finals approached, the stress on the contestants and judges was higher than ever. The acts still in the competition must  learn  two  songs each for their Saturday  night  performance  complete  with choreography, a group collaboration song and another as their sing-off choice should they end up in the bottom two. It’s safe to say that all those involved in X Factor are stressed – but you needn’t be with hypnotherapy London.

Hypnotherapy London, hypnotherapist London

Stress is the body’s way of protecting you – it’s a ‘fight or flight’ response and helps you cope in situations that are highly important or when there’s danger. Stress can keep you alert and sharpen your reactions, however too much stress stops being helpful and starts to damage your mental and physical health.

Too much stress can happen to anyone and it usually involves too much pressure being put on you whether it be at work or at home or life in general. Symptoms include sleeping problems, appetite problems and being unable to concentrate. You may also worry too much, have low self-esteem or lose your temper more easily. If stress is not treated, it could lead to potential health problems such as high blood pressure.

Hypnotherapy London is becoming more and more popular for stress relief and it’s not just celebrities that have tried it. Hypnotherapy London is available to anyone who feels they are too stressed or too pressured in order to help them relax. Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to change negative thoughts into positive ones. It will help you discover the triggers that make you stressed and will help you learn how to deal with them making you feel calm in an instant.

You’ll discover your own inner resources for becoming relaxed and centered and implant powerful thoughts of confidence at the core of your belief structure; you can relax and take control of any situation.

So if you want to be on X Factor next year, you’ll now know how to avoid the stress the show brings and instead show off your true potential to all.

For your chance to win a hypnotherapy London session with myself Adam Cumberland in my offices in Harley Street (not any of my junior therapists) whether it be for stress to anxieties to weight loss issues then feel free to enter our competition here:

Winner selected 20th January 2013 – New year, new you…Enjoy.


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