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BlogGastric Band Hypnotherapy
BlogGastric Band Hypnotherapy

Obesity is an issue that is addressed by experts and the media all across the world. This condition is defined as having excessive fat to the point that it becomes medically unhealthy for the body. Obesity is closely linked with several fatal diseases such as those related to the heart. For this reason, it is important to have weight loss treatments for people who are having problems losing weight. One weight loss treatment that is sweeping the nation is gastric band hypnosis. This treatment has been further developed by Adam Cumberland with the extensive 4 hour session carried out at 104 Harley Street.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is currently one of the leading alternative methods for weight loss. This method instils control in a person’s subconscious mind to induce positive effects and remove negative habits that a person has. This is achieved through an extensive procedure that tests the client’s fortitude and willingness to forego negative habits. The end result, however feels like a weight has been lifted in more ways than one.

Gastric band hypnotherapy works similarly with gastric band surgery in the sense that an individual would have his/her food intake limited. However, gastric band hypnotherapy does not require any form of surgery. Instead, the hypnotherapist tricks the unconscious mind into thinking that it has undergone a gastric band surgery. By doing so, the body would think that the stomach is smaller in size. This results to the body experiencing satiety even though it only takes in a small amount of food. Eating only a small amount of food restricts the body’s calorie content. Lower calorie content would result to the utilization of the body’s stored fats and ultimately a lower body weight.

Gastric band hypnosis has many benefits. Aside from those mentioned above, this hypnotherapy treatment also works in uncovering deeper reasons for any unwanted behaviour that an individual may have. Any negative habits and attitudes are products of a certain event and this hypnotherapy session helps in uncovering and understanding these events. The session would also help the individual in understanding his/her emotional triggers in response to a certain stimuli. Understanding these triggers would enable a person to have a more positive outlook in life. By undergoing this session, an individual would have his/her body image problems addressed and he/she would have a better understanding of themselves.

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