The X Factor for Weight Loss Hypnosis


Have you ever been so desperate when it comes to weight loss? Have you ever tried all sorts of slimming down techniques such as extensive dietary fasting, sign to a gym in January and only attend twice, diet control pills or considered surgery to achieve that figure? This article discusses how hypnosis works for weight loss.

Some are able to tone down their bodies and achieve great results; some, however, are not able to receive the results they wanted.

As to why?

You can say that several factors might have contributed to the negative results – lack of discipline, improper time management and poor mindset might be worth mentioning. These factors are equally important to one’s endeavor and determination itself, since the aforesaid modes of weight reduction do require quite an effort, they will definitely take up much of your time and will eventually need proper maintenance to reach the goal towards that figure you have always dreamed of.


One’s way of thinking. This greatly affects one’s weight reduction course. Even if someone says he/she wants to slim down, a negative (albeit unconscious) mindset will send one’s endeavors crashing at every corner. So to speak, negative thoughts and ill-thinkings such as “I can’t slim down”, “I can’t do it”, “I crave for that food”, and “I’ll exercise later. I’m so lazy today” can greatly affect weight loss results. With the body that wants to move but the mind that is beyond control, slimming down might present quite a difficulty. This is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis is referred to as an induced alternate state of mind, so as to dig into a person’s deeper consciousness, making him/her susceptible to suggestions and instructions. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is referred to as the use of hypnosis as a form of treatment or medication to guide someones thinking towards a certain goal.

So basically, how does this hypnosis work for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy is used to go into a person’s deeper consciousness or altered state so as to reform his or her way of thinking about weight and slimming. Hypnosis for weight reduction does not actually push the mind to create illusions of being slim; nor does it make an individual hallucinate just to escape the very fact of being over weight. Hypnosis creates a positive mindset inducible for weight reduction.

It encourages the person and boosts his/her confidence while at the same time making him/her think that slimming down is definitely possible as long as you set your mind and heart positively in a positive direction. Moreover, with the person being susceptible to instructions and suggestions during hypnotherapy, hypnosis can aid in producing better eating and slimming down habits, consequently eliminating the poor food and body practices one originally had.

Mind over body – is the basis of how hypnosis works for weight loss. So to speak, disciplining the body alone will get you nowhere near that slim figure you’ve always wanted. However, with hypnosis reforming the mind and thinking, followed by the body’s drive and determination in reaching that goal – one can achieve amazing results far greater than previously thought possible.

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Wishing you great health.

Adam Cumberland GHR MNLP


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