Trance – Truth or Blockbuster Movie Fiction


Hypnotherapy as a form of psychological therapy which has been around for many years. But clearly, there are still quite a number of misconceptions about the subject matter. This reminds me about the Danny Boyle film, “Trance.”

If you have seen the film and are not exactly keen about hypnotherapy yet, it is easy to misunderstand the method in itself. It can make you doubt hypnosis as a method of psychological therapy. And it can prompt you to question the boundaries that hypnotherapists can cross that easily. “Trance” gives you that impression of vulnerability to the mind tricks that a hypnotherapist can put you through without you even realizing it.

I have to admit though that “Trance” does speak some truth. It is not that hypnotherapists cross boundaries the way Ms Dawson did in the movie. I highly doubt that from happening. It is not as if hypnosis is magic. It is a process.

Separating Truth from Fiction in “Trance”

What is notable in the movie about hypnotherapy specifically is the fact that people are not born with unwanted behaviors. Rather, these behaviors are learned. And hypnotherapy can become an effective tool to help individuals get back to how or what they used to be.

The plain truth is we are not born overweight or with addictions. People are not born with a cigarette or the urge to smoke one. Individuals with anxieties are not born that way. Instead, these real life issues are picked up. They are learned.

So, how do you get to correct unwanted behaviours?

A friend of mine went through hypnosis for anxiety around a year ago. And she is much better now. She is still excited about the changes she feels as a result of her hypnotherapy session. I could not be happier for her.

The main character in “Trance,” Simon picked up a gambling problem which he overcame through hypnosis. This demonstrates the possibilities that hypnotherapy offers. Although he picked up the habit again, ironically, through hypnosis from Ms Dawson, what his initial transformation points out is that we can all pick up bad habits along the way. It may prove difficult to overcome them but provided the right method, we absolutely can, just like my friend did through hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Wishing you great health.
The Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team

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