Strictly Come Weight Loss


Strictly Come Dancing, the  famous dancing programme is in full swing on the BBC, with viewing figures still remaining higher than  the ever-popular X  Factor.

Apart from the obvious entertainment value, Strictly is also an inspiration to millions of people who want to take up dancing either as a hobby, a form of exercise or both. We’re always told that we should do exercise we enjoy and dancing is a perfect example of this. It works all of your muscles and it’s fun too.

Hypnotherapy weight loss,Hypnosis weight lossMotivation to exercise on the other hand is a different matter. Deciding you want to dance is one thing but to actually take the steps to make it happen is another. Sometimes when we’re over-weight we become so unconfident about our bodies that we feel embarrassed about joining a gym or dance classes. I know I certainly use to feel this way.  It is also hard to fit in the time to exercise in our busy schedules so a night in front of the T.V. becomes the more appealing option.

Dieting is not the answer because you will only feel guilty when you give into your cravings and you most likely put the pounds back on when you resume your normal eating habits. There is, however, an alternative that is highly successful which more and more people are turning to.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss will not only get you motivated and make you want to exercise, it will find the root causes of your bad eating habits and eliminate them. It changes your behaviour from ‘trying’ to do something to ‘wanting’ to do something. Hypnotherapy for weight loss helps you take back control of your eating. It digs deep down into your subconscious to identify the reasons why you overeat to help you overcome the triggers.

This highly successful form of therapy will help you shed the pounds without dieting and will instill within you the motivation you need to exercise, which will become second nature. With hypnotherapy for weight loss you will lose weight safely, quickly and effectively even before you’ve signed up for those salsa lessons.

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