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Many of us hold the belief that professional athletes are just gifted at what they do and only have to train hard to achieve their best.  Dedication is part of it, of course, but if you are at professional level at any sport or just doing it as a hobby, you are aware that staying focused and concentrated on your  goal/outcome can be challenging.

Both Sports Psychology and Sports Hypnotherapy deal with the behaviour and the subconscious.

The difference between the two is small but crucial – Sports Psychology takes some time to show its affect, whereas Sports Hypnosis helps with the goal in much shorter time span.

The key difference is that Sports Psychology aims to make small changes and improvements over a long period, whereas Sports Hypnosis achieves greater changes over a far shorter time scale.

What are the things that hold you back from achieving your best?

  • Negative thoughts enter your mind?
  • Do you justify yourself by not taking action with mini mental excuses?
  • Struggle to believe in your ideal outcome?

If there are no physical objects or conditions stopping us from achieving our best, our self-belief can play a nasty trick.  In the 1950s there was a belief that it just isn’t possible to run a mile in less than 4 minutes.  In 1954 Roger Bannister showed them wrong!  This belief was destroyed.  The year after 100 people ran the mile in under 4 minutes, this is now known as The Bannister effect.

The subconscious mind drives our actions and thus behaviour.  Hypnotherapy works with it and finds ways how to implement affective changes quickly and efficiently.

Improvements and skills learned in a 4 hour hypnotherapy session:

  • Overcoming mental blocks to achieve motivation.
  • How to rehearse future success (mental imagery).
  • How to go into ”The Zone’’ to ensure lazer sharp focus and concentration.
  • Reinforce and amplify self-belief.

Nathan Taylor is just one of many examples of how Adam Cumberland can guide you towards improved outcomes.  Nathan is now U.K. Champion of 100 mile runner in 24 hours and holds Adam responsible for that outcome.  He lost his focus and wished to regain it – have a look at what Nathan had to say about his experience with Adam and of course what he ultimately achieved.

As you can see, Nathan didn’t expect to have such powerful reaction immediately after the session.  Adam worked with 3 olympic athletes in 2012 to achieve medals and enjoys seeing the change in his clients personal excellence.  It is worth to mention that Sports Hypnotherapy is not limited to just athletes – it can be applied to any sport such as martial arts, dancing, snooker, football and so on.

Create your best.

The Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team





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