Power of The Mind – Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss


Hypnosis for weight loss is a recently trending method of shedding pounds due to celebrity endorsement; but in fact, it is has already been practiced for decades. This method is now being practiced because of the belief that permanent weight loss cannot be accomplished by merely adhering to a diet plan and exercise programme because of the sustainability factor. Our Founder Adam is more than aware of this as he too had a weight issue many years ago.

These programmes can last for months or even years before it could yield significant results. During that period, a lot of people tend to give up, feel discouraged, or get bored with the programme. Either that or they encounter some problems or traumatic events that leave them feeling low and consequently turn back to their unhealthy habits. When this happens, the entire diet and exercise programme is ruined and they gain back their weight, bad eating habits, and unhealthy lifestyle.

Lasting Weight Loss Starts in the Mind

People who are undergoing weight loss programmes know that the greatest challenge is not the programme itself but the will power to accomplish each goal set by the programme. The toughest part is giving up certain foods, sleeping and waking up at certain hours, allotting more time for exercise, and encouraging oneself each day to go through the programme. Losing weight starts in the mind, one’s perception of health, one’s outlook when it comes to food choices, and most of all, maintaining the enthusiasm and determination to stick to the programme. This is where hypnosis for weight loss becomes very, very helpful.

Hypnosis is a mind control technique that implants specific thoughts to the subconscious mind in order to reach a specific goal. When it comes to weight loss, the usual goal is to help the mind practice certain thoughts that control certain unconsciously driven bad behavior such as over eating. Weight gain is also sometimes caused by stress and anxiety, resulting to stress eating or emotional eating. When a person is stressed or feeling off balance, they tend to look for comfort foods such as those high in sugar or high in fat.

The role of hypnosis for weight loss is to help dissect the root cause of the stress eating habit and eliminate it. This will significantly help a person get rid of the bad eating habits and stick to the weight loss routine more diligently and consistently. According to studies, using hypnosis to lose weight can help a person lose the weight twice as fast than those who only stick to the regular diet and exercise routine but more importantly they will actually enjoy the process.

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