Hypnotherapy – Doctors say Best Form of Weight Loss


Losing weight is now made easy through the use of hypnosis.   It is actually the healthiest way for anyone to lose weight.  In fact,  it is the quickest way too.  Most doctors are now recommending the use of hypnosis to induce weight loss.

Hypnosis is the safest choice as other approaches can be dangerous.  For instance, there are some weight control pills which are known to cause allergic reactions.  They are very dangerous especially when ingested by a hypersensitive person.  Surgical operations such as liposuction are also dangerous since the patients will be put under the knife – in most cases the fat comes back after just a few years.  More and more people are becoming aware of the miracle treatment known as hypnosis for weight loss for lasting results.

Celebrities like Lily Allen used hypnosis for weight loss and have dropped 4 dress sizes.

Lily said

“After hypnotherapy, I actually ‘wanted’ to go to the gym.  I now feel great about everything – I’ve never been happier”

The main reason as to why hypnosis is very effective in terms of weight loss is that most of the cases in obesity are caused by psychological factors.  Most people tend to eat more when they feel threatened or if they perceive a negative situation. Some people tend to practice excessive consumption as a compensatory mechanism if their daily life is affected by a sudden change.

Sometimes, emotions such as sadness and feelings of desolation or worry will also cause excessive eating.  Any forms of treatment will be useless as long as the mindset of the individual is not addressed.  Even if they will be passing under the knife or take any forms of medication, their mental attitude will still be the same.  That is why it is crucial for them to first change how they ‘think’ before engaging a single diet.

After just 90 minutes of hypnotherapy, they will be able to understand the cause of their dilemma – the hypnotherapist then offers a new path of thought to which the patient accepts – Diets then become a thing of the past with the desired weight maintained.

Through engaging in hypnosis, patients will be able to subconsciously look for the main reason for their cravings or bad habits.  They will be able to know why they eat too much or why they feel the way they do.  By the use of hypnosis, which is applied by a professional, individuals will be able to remember the main cause of their problems even if such problems stemmed from their youth. They will be able to understand the cause of the problems and they will be able to resolve it.

Any memory will still exist but any negative feelings which drive our behaviour will disappear.  Sometimes dissociation techniques are applied.  This technique involves the individual to dissociate or remove the part of the underlying factor from their mind.  As the memory of the underlying factor is removed then another memory is applied.  Sometimes, the new memory is applied through suggestion of a new idea which is future paced and embedded in the individual.

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