Food for Thought – 6 Tips to Slim


You may know what’s best for you but may not fully be dedicated to the cause…

We go through life and learn from trial and error, but sometimes there are more errors to some of our attempts than others. Why do we sometimes fail to maintain our healthy lifestyle choices?

A few useful tips for weight loss:

* Reduce the size of your plates. Psychology has shown that the bigger your plate, the more you will eat.  If you have a smaller fuller looking plate, you will think that you’ve had this ‘full plate, that’s enough.’

* Don’t skip meals, several smaller meals trump one big meal for the day.

* Eat slowly, enjoy the taste and texture of the food. This allows your body to signal when you are full and avoid over-eating.  Try chewing your food at least 7 times before swallowing.

* Eat when you feel hungry not because you feel bored.  Ask yourself the question ‘Am I hungry or bored?’  You might surprise yourself.

* Exercise for fun (not weight loss) – If you have fun whilst working out, you are less likely to over-eat. Why? Because if you think of it as a chore you may well choose to reward yourself with a fatty meal! When you see it as something fun or a break from the daily life, you become aware of your well-being and try to keep it top-notch. If you don’t enjoy the gym, try racket sports – Do what feels fun!

* Get inspired. Look for people in the health industry with whom you can relate who have gone down a similar path and came out the other side. This shows your mind that whatever you want to achieve, can be achieved!

Dieting is a ridiculous term, anything you eat is your diet. In Medieval Latin dieta meant “a day’s work, daily food allowance,” in  Greek diaita  “way of life”.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss concentrates on your mind, the way you perceive everything around you – not just the food but your attitude towards your body, self image and beliefs. Changing your limiting beliefs will ensure you make great choices from a place of strength rather than any short term will power. Hypnotherapy for food cravings along with motivation and a rock solid self belief are among the many ways in which Adam can help you.

Get in touch today to see if you qualify.

Warmest regards

The Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team


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