Exercise Your Mind to Lose Weight


Losing weight can be very tricky for some individuals. Gastric band surgery is the last resort, surgery to put a silicon band around upper part of the stomach, which then restricts the amount of food that can be consumed.

Gastric band can have many side-effects such as:

* Feeling nauseated.

* Throwing up.

* Infection or internal bleeding, which can lead to reverse surgery to remove the band.

Therefore it comes with no surprise that so many choose Hypnotherapy Gastric Band, Hypnosis Gastric Band or Virtual Gastric Band. Only a small percentage of obese people have it due to their biological circumstances, possibly result of trauma, a way of compensating or lack control over body. Many of us are scared of finding out the real reason behind our challenges. A hypnotherapy session is a safe way to find out what’s really happening with your emotions, mind as well as where the habits come from.

What would happen during the session?

* Adam would guide you into a hypnotic state to work on your subconscious to uncover the reason behind the behaviour.

* There will be a discussion about what you consume. Do’s and Don’ts.

* Emotional responses and triggers will be understood and altered for the better.

* Hypnotic gastric band will be applied.

* The thought of positive self image will be deep-seeded in your mind.

Hypnotherapy for weight-loss is highly successful. The virtual gastric band is going to be applied in your imagination and therefore you will have all the power in your hands, or mind if you will. The thought of feeling full sooner will be reinforced.

After the session you will feel relaxed and already feel that you don’t feel the hunger at the core of your stomach. You will start to understand that finally you are in control. You can become free of the hunger. You can succeed in reaching your goals with a knowing of core confidence.

We are here to help.

The Cumberland Hypnotherapy Team

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