Depression to Joy in 2 Hours with Hypnotherapy


It may seem a stretch, but there are studies and thousands of testimonials that have proven it possible to go from depression to joy in one session with hypnotherapy . The term ‘depression’ has become so common in today’s language, and so visible in our immediate environment that people are becoming more aware of its existence and are, therefore, more likely to recognize this problem on their own.

Symptoms of depression vary from one person to the next, based on such factors as the severity and source of the depressive episode, as well as demographic details like age and gender.

Depression limits a person’s functionality and potential for growth and improvement. The hopelessness that comes with each depressive episode can easily lead to the feeling of helplessness that stunts a person’s will power and often even dissolves the individuals sense of self-preservation.

It’s no wonder this depression disorder is considered debilitating and requires immediate attention. Traditional treatments for depression are based on the introduction of anti-depressant chemicals into the body. But while such treatment works for some, others are afflicted by such side effects as dry mouth, weight gain, fatigue, and even sexual problems.

In addition, having to take regular doses of anti-depressants can easily depress the pockets, not to mention the regular consultations you may be required to take with a psychologist in order to further enhance your chance of overcoming each depressive episode.

These treatments take time, and in today’s fast-paced way of life may seem more of a nuisance than a cure. This is the reason why people are turning to a more practical way of dealing with depression. Going from depression to joy requires a level of willingness and dedication in order to effectively bring forth the expected results within a couple of hours.

The combination of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques works directly with the conscious and unconscious sides of the mind in order to help the depressive put an end to depression. This can be achieved by employing the following methods:

  • Keeping the mind grounded to the present (not the past or future), and what currently matters in order to respond and act in a more effective and productive way.
  • Tapping into the memory banks and helping the mind process and store memories in such a way as to give the positive memories more control over the negative ones.
  • Improving the state (general mood) in order to give a person more energy to enjoy there day.
  • Projecting into the patient a future of promise and possibilities in order for the patient to stay motivated enough to keep on moving forward long after the treatment.

Today’s methods of hypnotherapy are able to get a person from depression to joy in often two hours with hypnotherapy and NLP by working directly at what causes the depressive moods and overriding it with more positive thought processes and attitudes.

Instead of wallowing in the tedious task of trying to understand depression, NLP & hypnotherapy techniques focus on empowering one’s own natural ability to make the negative emotions go away by installing in their place a more positive attitude towards life.

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Wishing you great mental health.

Adam Cumberland MNLP GHR
Master Hypnotherapist and MNLP Practitioner

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