Break Free from your Shackles in 2014


I am one of the millions of people who have been held back by a condition called social anxiety. I was living in a constant fear and pain. Feeling all alone, I did not know what else I could do.

Then there was hope…
I stumbled on a article about Cumberland Hypnotherapy. What struck me was the hypnotherapy for anxiety session the clinic was offering. Of course, I was filled with doubts convinced that I have to live the rest of my life enduring this condition, forever impaired this mental disorder. But I was wrong.

I dismissed everything I have read including all the good reviews from people like me who got better through the intensive session. I doubted and let my fear and hesitation once again take over. Then one day, my mother had a grand plan of stopping at Harley Street.

Progress every step of the way…
I hated my mother for putting me through it. Again, I was anxious. I was so afraid of what the hypnotherapist might say or do to me.

I felt some uncomfortable feelings during the hypnotherapy for anxiety session until 4 hours later I felt like the biggest weight had been literally lifted off me.

I felt much lighter. The emotions I felt that were holding me back were gone. I no longer feel heavy. Before I was held back with all the negative self talk but now I feel emotionally charged and amazingly positive. These feeling must have been in me but I could never access them. I guess I had forgotten how good it feels to be worry free and truly happy.

This is me, in control!
I was given 15 Exercises to do in live interactions following the hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment to test the therapist work and it helped to open me up even more so in my interactions and communications with others. I knew I was better when I was freely chatting to a stranger in Starbucks, no longer afraid of being watched and judged.
Hypnotherapy has changed me and I am getting used to this splendid feeling of motivation and control. Now, I am finally free, unafraid to move forward and meet even the unknown.

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