7 years of Panic Attacks – Gone in 2.5 hours


It has been known to medical-psychological world that the conscious mind has the capabilities to create various problems which can actually cause various physiological problems.  Oftentimes, the problems of the conscious mind will be led to the unconscious.

Once the problems flow to the underlying parts of our mind, it often causes attacks of fear and inevitably what is known to us as anxiety. Thanks to hypnotherapy we can interrupt this pattern and live free from anxiety.

Anxiety, in its familiar state, is actually what everyone experiences time and time again. It actually involves the combination of various factors such as fear, worry and sudden restlessness. While experiencing anxiety, people will often have different physical sensations such as continuous palpitations, intermediate chest pains, an upset stomach and even problems in breathing.  In order to compensate for these sensations, people will actually have different reactions.

Some will be at the extreme, doing everything in their power in order to control the fear while others will constantly be trying to negotiate with their anxiety. In the end, these sensations can often become too irrational and unbearable which will in turn become a mental illness.

Some people have the capability to function regardless of their anxiety but for some, it might be unbearable and even painful. Once the anxiety fully controls one’s perception, it will lead to panic attacks. Actually, these panic attacks usually involve intense periods of crippling, destructive fear.

People who will experience such attacks will usually feel shortness in breathing and a nauseating sensation accompanied by strong palpitations.  Once constant panic attacks occur, a panic disorder will now take place.

This disorder involves unexpected attacks which are quite hard to predict. This means that the affected person can show signs of panic regardless of time or location. It might be triggered while the individual is in church or even while sleeping.

Panic attacks are actually caused by phobias. Phobia is a powerful and continuous fear for various situations and objects. Such a fear can also be caused by an individual. Once the phobia sets in, it triggers the panic attacks which in turn causes the person to become frantic and frightened.

The most effective way to solve this problem is through the use of hypnotherapy and the utilization of language patterns. Through the technique known as hypnotherapy, experts will be able to predict the causative agent for the attacks. They will be able to find what the individual fears and what event triggered that fear.

Both the therapist and the individual will be able to find a conclusion to the anxiety and they will be able to find a way to solve it.  In most cases the solution is found within the first session together with no need for a second visit.

The expert will find the cause of the fear by sending the patient into trance. Once the patient is in deep trance, the expert will give several suggestions which will help the patient in remembering the cause of the fear. Together, both the expert and the individual will be able to trace the underlying cause for the panic attacks.  The therapist then offers better suggestions for this situation for which the patient accepts – new installation of imagery and language is then implanted once the patient has accepted – The patient then awakens to a more natural assertive state with a sense of feeling lighter as the disorder is no longer present.

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My warmest regards and wishing you great mental health.

Adam Cumberland MNLP GHR
Master Hypnotherapist and MNLP Practitioner


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